Yosemite was an incredible time for us. We had a plan on what we wanted to hike going in, but they had already issued all of the alloted permits for that hike for the days that we wanted on that trail. We talked to the park ranger about more 2-day hikes around the area, and we ended up doing a ~21 mile loop where we hiked up to the Upper Yoesmite Falls, Yosemite Point, North Dome, and Indian Rock. The highest point of our hike was about 8500 feet, which was 4500 feet higher than when we began and finished the hike. Read More...

Our hike started with about 2800 feet of elevation over 3.2 miles to get to the top of Yosemite Falls. The hike kicked our asses with our 25lb bags, but we got to enjoy a little swim at the top of the falls with an incredible view before continuing on to Yosemite Point, then further up and over the ridge to a creek where we set up camp for the night. That night we thought we heard a bear while we were in the tent, but it just turned out to be a family of deer that just kept running around our camp and down to the water.
The next day we hiked for about a mile and a half before reaching North Dome, where we dropped our packs to hike .5 miles to the top to get an incredible panoramic view of Half Dome, Yosemite Point, and the Yosemite Valley. Without wasting much time we continued on our trail to Indian Rock, which was the highest point of our hike at 8xxx feet. From then on, the rest of the hike was a bit easier since we didn't have to keep climbing higher and higher any more. The rest of the hike took us down along snow creek, leading into the valley in between Half Dome and North Dome, and eventually back to where we began.
We met a lot of interesting people along the trail, including an old couple of park volunteers that were tracking the snow creek bear, and a group of middle age couples & friends that joined us on the hike to North Dome as they were going the opposite direction on a portion of our trail. One of the ladies in the group even snagged Harrison's phone number to get information about Lake Washington Technical College, and Conner got a chance to pet a baby dear (that may or may not have been in shock) just before lunch at the snow creek falls.
All in all, it was an incredibly strenuous backpacking journey, but it provided us with some of the most incredible views and experiances that either of us have ever had a chance to experience. Read Less...

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