Redwoods National Park

The Redwoods were a lot of fun for us. We got to enjoy a nice drive down the 101 to get to the ranger station, where they gave us some information for an overnight hike through the Tall Trees Grove and back into the forest beyond. They only allow a certain amount of vehicles into the trailhead each day, so it was good that we showed up at the beginning of the week. Read More...

The first day of our hike was a nice 1.3 mile trail with a 785 foot drop into the Tall Trees Grove where we then walked a short loop and saw some incredibly tall and wide trees (Redwood trees can grow to 22 feet in diameter), and got to enjoy the red tint of the redwood forest before heading past the end of the Tall Trees Grove Loop and crossing the creek where we set up our camp for the night - after walking at least a mile and a half uphill on a path that was supposed to take us along the creek (according to our road map).
On our second day, we just took our smaller packs that we packed inside our larger ones and went for a day hike that was supposed to be a nice loop along the mountain ridges the overlooked the redwoods grove that we had hiked through the day before. Turns out the trail was meant mostly for horses. It featured many extremely overgrown areas where we were in bushes up to our heads, countless fallen trees blocking the path, and half of it seemed to be part of a muddy creek that ran along the inside ridge of the mountain. Nevertheless, we took the path for a good couple of hours before we realized that we would likely be hiking into the dark for many hours if we continued too far down the trail and tried to finish the loop. So, we decided to turn back and go back through the shitty trail the way that we came in.
We got back to our camp on the creek a few hours after noon, where we made a quick filler meal before packing up camp and heading back over the river and back up through the Tall Trees Grove. We got back to the truck and headed down the mountain highway that lead us East out of the park and set up camp at an overlook of the forest and mountains with the sun setting right over it all. We even got a nice and clear night with a very bright moon and tons of stars. Such a tough life we are living out here. Read Less...

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