Glacier National Park

Glacier was being heavily effected by the summer's wildfires when we arrived for our backpacking journey. Much of the park was covered in smoke with very little visibility. We worked with the rangers to find an open campsite for two nights, and we ended up choosing to hike to Harrison Lake - it just seemed appropriate. The first day, we spent about three hours searching for the trailhead since it started from outside the park after fording a river. Turns out the information the ranger gave us wasn't entirely accurate. The next day, we spent another 30 minutes searching for the trailhead before we ran into two hikers that were just coming back from that hike. They were able lead us to the trailhead, which was ridiculously hidden behind a ton of shrubbery, and you had to climb nearly straight up a cliff face to get to it (The other hikers also spent two hours looking for the trailhead the day before, and they were lucky enough to run into a ranger that just got back from that hike as well). All in all, the hike to Harrison Lake was actually really boring, but once we got there, we knew we made the right choice. We spent the day/night at the lake where we swam, ate, and relaxed so hard that we forgot to take more pictures.


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