Hey! This is Conner (right) and Harrison (left), welcome to our website!

We spent the summer of 2015 on an incredible 2 month road trip around the Western United States. We had the privilege of visiting 17 different national parks on our journey while traveling through 10 different states. We did at least one hike at each national park, and also went backpacking in many of the parks that allowed.

When we weren't camping in the backcountry, we were driving and living in a homemade camper (built 90%+ by Harrison), which layed in the back of a Nissan Frontier - Thanks Ron. The camper popped up to give us room to walk around in. Sort of. It was also fully insulated and equipped with cabinets, shelves, beds, speakers, lights, and switches and a remote to control everything. Oh and the best part? We used solar energy to power everything inside the camper.

We created so many amazing and mostly hilarious memories on this journey that we will never forget. We hope you enjoy some of the pictures that we got on the trip.

Below you can view pictures and read about our trip. The places are in order of how we went on our trip. If you would like to contact us about our website or if you find something wrong with a page, visit the Contact page or send an email directly to contact@westernusroadtrip.com.

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